Machine Learning Technologist

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July 9, 2020
Boston, Massachusetts
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Our client is seeking a Machine Learning Technologist. You will be responsible for developing and implementing new technologies for this state of the art Fintech firm. We need someone who understands not only machine learning, but the environment and to make it work to its optimal capabilities.

  • The main products include trade finance and invoice management, payments, etc… Understanding the payment patterns, participant funding/buying patterns, supplier patterns, etc… is essential to how we may assist participants in our network to assemble well balanced bundles of assets for greatest overall benefit. Data analytics and forecasting are future projects.
  • ML/AI are the core focus areas though the analytics are highly valuable and meld well with the statistical skills/analytics of the ML engineer. The ML/AI aspect of the work is focused on building a pattern matching application that factors human-led learning to the patterns/trend/forecasting analysis of the ML/AI engine and algos. Our clients solution will replace the manual matching system between data sets by intervening and increasing matching from 40-50% to 85-90% based on user-led workflows that our engines learn from and then codify into the system using the ML algos. In so doing, the system auto matches and the process becomes far more effective/efficient and ‘machine-led’ rather than ‘human-led’.
  • The role is not for someone who simply performs python/R-based models…rather it’s a hybrid: Math, Tools and Cloud/ML tech engine design. The individual will know how to code to self-service the solutions rather than always being dependent on a developer to make their algo’s/work come to life.

Required skills set includes:

  • Azure machine learning
  • Azure Analytics
  • Python
  • R
  • R Studio
  • MATLAB is a plus
  • OO programing skills required (C# or Java or C++)

Other skills:

  • Masters degree or higher preferred
  • Ability to be hands on
  • Creative under pressure
  • 7-15 years experience